About Dr Bogale

Dr Bogale Nesga is the general manager and full time in the clinic since its establishment He is educated in Ukraine in Harkouve state medical university and graduated as medical doctor in 1996. He has long time experience as medical practitioner in governmental hospitals and in private clinics. Dr Bogale has more than 20 years’ work experience in health sectors in Ethiopia furthering his education , Dr Bogale has enrolled with UNISA ( University of South Africa) , to study masters degree in public health and graduated in 2013. Dr Bogale has human qualities for the people who work for them including honesty , fairness , straight forwardness dependability, cooperativeness, determination, imagination, loyalty ,self-control and independence.

Furthermore Dr Bogale known for quality service providing at fair price and Dr Bogale’s personal quality is genuinely is helping his clients and has personal principle as human for human. In the future his imagination is to establish Mieraf Hulet General Hospital.