Category: Medical

Medical for adult and children

Pneumonia (Mild, moderate and severe) Acute and Chronic bronchitis Bronchial Asthma Tuberculosis (Pulmonary and Extrapulmonary) Cardiac diseases, CHF Acute and Chronic gastritis PUD (Peptic Ulcer Diseases) Acute and chronic diarrheal disease Amebiasis, amebic dysentery Acute febrile illness (Typhus, Thyroid fever, malaria, relapsing fever & others) Diabetes mellitus (Type I and Type II) diagnosis and treatment […]

Minor surgical intervention

Male Circumcision Lamps removal Lipoma removal Drainage Of Abscesses Drainage of surgical wound infection Ganglion removal Cyst removal Wound trauma management (fresh and old others

Gyn and Obstetrics

Amenorrhea and abnormal genital bleeding Family planning Following normal pregnancy Following normal labor and attending normal delivery Prenatal and Postnatal care PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Diseases) Abnormal vaginal discharge STDs ( Sexually transmitted diseases) Puerperal sepsis others

Preventive Care | Medicines

The ideology behind preventive medicine focuses on protecting, promoting and maintaining health and well-being. It also aims to alert disease, disability, and death on an individual basis, as well as on a large scale in communities and populations. Doctors visit, such as annual physicals Well-woman appointments Dental cleanings, mouth care Immunization Contraception Allergic medications Preventive […]